Tech Tips

Ctrl+H not working? Let’s figure it out…

TLDR – Keyboard shortcut not working? Check other programs for global shortcuts. 8×8 Virtual Office binds Ctrl+H to hang up, and prevents any other program from using that shortcut.

(My mental process for fixing a minor but crucial shortcut)

Ctrl+H: the keyboard shortcut for Firefox’s History sidebar. Says so in the menu.

So why in the world did my computer stop recognizing this?

Let’s consult Google. If Google search results are to be believed, *LITERALLY NOBODY IN THE FUCKING WORLD* has ever encountered such a bug.

Must be a bug in Firefox then. Let’s file a bug report. Don’t know how a keyboard shortcut would regress like that, so I better let them know.

Oh wait, now Ctrl+H doesn’t work in Visual Studio?


Is my new keyboard busted? Let’s try the On-Screen Keyboard. Still doesn’t work?!

Does my music player use Ctrl+H for something? No.

How about that 8×8 phone software?


PS: Sorry Firefox for spamming your inbox with an invalid bug. I closed it and left a message saying how I resolved it.

PPS: Don’t just say “NVM I fixed it” without explaining how you fixed it.  Don’t be that guy.