Tech Tips

Ctrl+H not working? Let’s figure it out…

TLDR – Keyboard shortcut not working? Check other programs for global shortcuts. 8×8 Virtual Office binds Ctrl+H to hang up, and prevents any other program from using that shortcut.

(My mental process for fixing a minor but crucial shortcut)

Ctrl+H: the keyboard shortcut for Firefox’s History sidebar. Says so in the menu.

So why in the world did my computer stop recognizing this?

Tech Tips

ASP.Net Development Server prompting for password over VPN

So there’s this problem where a WebForms app prompts me for a password when I’m logged in remotely:

This prompt doesn’t appear normally, and it sucks because you can’t Google an answer for this one

  • “sign in” disable prompt localhost
  • disable password prompt vpn
  • asking for password vpn
You didn’t even know Google had a captcha on their searches, did you? You can trigger one by searching for “” + anything multiple times.

Google’s no help on this, so let’s post the solution:
Uncheck the “NTLM Authentication” option and the password prompt goes away!

See that NTLM Authentication option? Turn that shit off if you’re working over VPN!