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Metroid (NES) Lua script for FCEUX by Neill Corlett

This Lua script developed by Neill Corlett adds some quality of life features to the original Metroid.

The developer’s site no longer exists, so I’m uploading a copy here to help more people find this.

Gameplay altering features

  • Equipment menu on pause screen: You can now collect both the wave and ice beam and toggle between them, a la Super Metroid. They are both saved in passwords as well.
  • Maximum energy tanks increased from 6 to 7
  • You now start with full health and missiles

Helpful features

  • Minimap and large map on pause screen, with mouse tooltips (click on elevators to navigate between areas)
  • Item % on pause screen
  • Time counter
  • Countdowns on broken blocks
  • Max missiles display
  • Clear time and item % on ending
  • Popup boxes on powerups
  • Mouse input on password screen

Download the FCEUX emulator from