My Breath of the Wild experiences

Just want to chronicle a few of the moments that made Breath of the Wild special to me.

Spoilers ahead!




Combat Tutorial

I was terrible when it came to combat early on.  I just spammed attack while taking a lot of damage.  It felt clumsy, like I just woke up after 100 years or something.

It was enough to progress with the story, enough to carry me to Kakariko Village.  I go straight for the shrine to unlock fast travel, and I get the most helpful shrine challenge: a combat tutorial teaching me how to jump attack, sidestep, and block.

I loved it.  It was perfectly timed too — a couple hours in after messing around on your own.  You have enough skill to scrape by, but now you’re ready to take on the massive adventure.

And guess what? You’re in Kakariko Village, where you learn of the backstory and your quest to restore the Divine Beasts.  I feel bad for those who didn’t manage to go here first.

Death Mountain – Hell Run

Much, much later, like three main dungeons down later…

Yes, I climbed Death Mountain without realizing fireproof elixirs existed

Lost Woods

Figuring this out on your own without a guide is massively rewarding.  Move the camera around, you’ll see something that will guide you.